About admitrade

Discover admitrade's possibilities in the cryptocurrency universe. We are a group of proffesionals dedicated to their work. A strong diversity in our team (programmers, product owner, liquidity solutions manager, chief risk officer, analitycs etc.) is our key to success.

We your best consultants at the finest level.

Our strengths

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Diversity of assets classes

Cutting edge proprietary technology

Team of experts in crypto

Automated trading algorithm

Global partners network

Top crypto liquidity

What we can do for you


Analyzes and reports

We have strong experience in writing professional stock market analyzes, technical and market reports. As qualificated consultants and market experts we will help you choose a right strategy for your project.

Software Development

We have a team of highly skilled and qualified developers who has experience with trading platforms. Our trading bots and tools to connect the bots with selected stock exchanges will help you with your investments. We use Java, Scala, C++, Node.js and much more.

With admitrade solutions the profitability of your investments will be greater.


Tranding bot

Our trading bot is optimized under the market needs. Try it’s possibilities.

We are owners of framework connected with selected stock exchanges which enables you to easily write trading strategies executed between exchanges. Our cutting edge trading technology will ensure that you achieve your goal.

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